Amazing Opportunities Still Exist for 2021 on East Grand Lake

Scenery, kind people, and a huge lake is what might come to mind for a vacationer in the East Grand Lake region.  There are many prime locations for RVs, cabin rentals, and even those looking for a tent site.  Greenland Cove and Dark Cove (close to Butterfield Landing) are two hot spots for vacationers.  There are options like Rideouts, Living Waters, Cowger’s Cabins, Greenland Cove Campground, and Greenland Cove Cabins (in addition to some rentals that can likely be found on AirBnB).

I had the pleasure of speaking with Donna Lord of Greenland Cove Cabins yesterday who told me they are almost booked through August.  But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options available.  They have a couple smaller cabins that are priced around $450/week.  Yes, you read that ride.  $450 for lodging on a lake for a whole week.  After August, Greenland Cove Cabins will have the ability to be flexible for those that do not want to rent for an entire week.

If you are still looking to get on a Maine lake this summer, Living Waters has cabins and a few motel rooms, in addition to RV and tent sites.  Greenland Cove Campgrounds also has RV and tent sites.  You will find that pretty much all rentals on East Grand are quite economical for what you get.  What you get? Peace, quiet, and a sensational view.

The Fall season is unbelievable in Maine and especially beautiful on the lake.  Imagine waking up to the crisp air, steam rising on a motionless lake, and the reflection of golden birch leaves and the deep reds maple begging you to make a memory.  With space available at places like Greenland Cove Cabins, you can make that a reality, do it on a budget, and get away from the busyness of life.

Check out...

  • Greenland Cove Campground
  • Greenland Cove Cabins
  • Living Waters Bible Camp
  • Rideouts
  • Cowger's Cabins

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