Mining for Vacation Experiences – The Gold is Everywhere in Maine!

April 17, 2021

As children, our family often went to the Swift River in Maine in search for gold.  Our parents would look for unworked areas of an already heavily worked river in search for the missed nugget or for the unworked gold vein.  Did they find any?  Yes!  In fact, there are many streams and rivers in Maine where one can find gold.  However, it takes a keen eye to read the river and determine the spots where gold might have been deposited in eons past and careful consideration for how that gold might now lay in a riverbed. 

Gold panning takes patience.  Dad would patiently examine the river looking for a spot to try.  Then mom and dad would pry out ledge and carefully scrape out the dirt into a gold pan.  They would pan for the gold, gradually swirling the water out of the gold pan until all the light material flopped its way into the stream.  Eventually, black sand would remain in the pan and, hopefully, some little specks of gold.  Then they would take toothpicks and pick out the gold and put it in vials.

Sometimes, my sister and I would pan for gold.  She was more interested in it than I.  I would often just play on the big rocks of the Swift River and leave any undiscovered gold in the banks.  There it sat, undiscovered and undisturbed.

Maine also has a different kind of gold.  This gold flourishes in many places across the state and takes on many forms.  This is the gold of “experiences.”  Though you still need to look for this gold, it is not nearly as difficult to find.

At Maine Vacations, it is our goal to bring the gold of “vacation experiences” to the surface and help you connect you with an experiences that will blow your mind!  Rather than be like me as a young boy, just playing on the rocks and leaving the gold where it lay, get out and find an experience that will give you a meaningful vacation.  The adventure is already happening, do not be a spectator, get out and do it!

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