Squirrel Point is my favorite Maine Lighthouse

I have always loved lighthouses. There is something about them that is so peaceful and calming. I have been to a few different ones in Maine, but my favorite is Squirrel Point Lighthouse. It isn't as popular as Headlight or other touristy lighthouses because it is more out of the way and requires a little hike on a trail to get to it. But I love that about it. I love the peacefulness of Squirrel Point. It is a great place to go to clear your head and just enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

You can read about Squirrel Point here: squirrelpoint.org

It would be easy to just hop on a boat and take a tour of these lighthouses.  If your goal is checking a bunch off your list all at one, then do that.  But, if you goal is to have an experience, then put together a lunch, drive in to the path, walk in, and just relax.

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