The POWER OF THREE - Get Focused On Solving Challenges In 2023

The POWER OF THREE - Get Focused On Solving Challenges In 2023

Does this resonate with you?

  • Your work often gets cluttered with every little fix under the sun.
  • You are constantly overwhelmed with fixing too many issues which cause you to lose focus.
  • You start one task only to be interrupted by another.
  • You begin making an improvement that rapidly spawns into other improvements creating a mental block where nothing can really be improved.

As a business with the focus on serving Maine Tourism, the above feels crippling.  It feels like you cannot move forward and truly help your guests in the way you hope.

What is the POWER OF THREE?

The POWER OF THREE is focus on just three things.  Forget every issue and focus on three big things that need to get done.

Where can you begin?

A simple exercise can help.  Let me emphasize something here:  It doesn't matter if you are a team of 1 or a team of 20.  You can perform this exercise and discover the power of three.

  1. Get something to write on.  Paper, a dry-erase board, it doesn't matter.  
  2. Finish this statement:  It would be awesome if __________.  Think high level.  You might end up with statements like:
    • Example 1: It would be awesome if I didn't have to send every guest an email manually with their travel information.
    • Example 2: It would be awesome if we could improve our sales by 15% this vacation season.
  3. Once you have your list, circle the things statements that have the biggest impact on your tourism business.
  4. Now, don't stop here.  This isn't the power of three, but you are much closer now.  Look at your circled items and identify the common things that stand in the way and write them down as problems.
    • Problem 1: We don't have a communication system that supports automatically sending our guests their welcome email.
    • Problem 2: Our advertising model doesn't seem to be strong enough to support 15% growth.
  5. Circle the three biggest problems.  Those are the big three.  Now you can begin to solve for those issues and keep your other problems subordinate to them.

NEXT UP - What to do with the POWER OF THREE?  Stay tuned!

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