The Undeniable Quietness of Maine

The Undeniable Quietness of Maine

Opportunities for photography abound in the undeniable quietness of Maine.  Any amateur photographer can pull off a basic Milky Way shot when armed with even an inepensive mirrorless camera and a tripod.

Milkey Way Pic

The Milkey Way image above (ISO 800, 3.5 Aperture, 30 second exposure at 18mm) was really quite easy to achieve with a tripod, limited light polution (this shot was from the Allagash), a decent camera (mine was a Canon EOS M6), and a little patience.

The above shot was not heavily editied.  In fact, it really looks quite similar to the original.  What I like best about taking a shot like this on the Allagash was the quiet.  I could hear lake loons in the distance and frogs making a whomping sound right behind me.  Is there any better way to capture a memory?

For me, being in the quiet is one of the best things about vacationing in Maine.  You can find quiet in so many places.  It seems that no matter where you are in the state, there is a back road or path waiting to be explored.

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