Why East Grand Lake is our Launch Territory

We are launching Maine Vacations and we've selected East Grand Lake as our opening territory... But why?

My family and I have great interest in the East Grand Lake area and want to support the area and its surrounding businesses.  We lived in Weston for 17 years, forged livelong relationships, and want nothing more than to see tourism in this region recover from COVID.

We could have chosen from many popular regions in Maine as we begin our launch of Maine Vacations in 2021.  However, it seemed most appropriate to select our opening region as the East Grand Lake Region and offer those businesses a full-year on Maine Vacations for FREE!

If you serve the East Grand Lake region, then we want you and we welcome you to join us as we focus attention on vacation experiences in Maine.

A sincere "Thank You" goes out to every one of you!

Dana Morrison
Maine Vacations

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