A Perfect Day in Bar Harbor, Maine

Can you imagine watching the sunrise on top of a rocky mountain. It has panoramic views of one of the most magical islands that I have come to know well. It is one of the first places you can see the sun rise in the United States and it is unforgettable. This mountain is Cadillac Mountain, and it is located on Mount Desert Island. It is a great place to start a perfect day when you stay in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Mount Desert Island is the largest island off the coast of Maine, and she does not disappoint as a top Maine vacation destination. Hidden within her epic coastline, rocky mountain ranges and winding trails, is a true coastal beauty. She is the Village of Bar Harbor Maine.

I have always had a romance with Bar Harbor. The beauty of this simple small-town life, in a working harbor, on the coast. Mixes with the hustle and bustle of tourist season, large events, and artistic flair. No matter what the season is, I always want to walk the streets of Bar Harbor. The beauty is everywhere you look.

There is something about the main stretch of road in downtown. It seems to lead you right into the ocean. As you meander in and out of beautiful shops. You are drawn to the smell of fresh ocean air. It pulls you down to the pier. Where there is a small beach and walking path that will lead you right around the rocky coast and back through town.

As you walk you can watch the lobster boats bouncing over the waves as they bring in their catch for the day. There are sailboat rides and whale watching trips all day long. Life by the ocean has so much to offer from sea kayaking to swimming (if you can brave the cold water). It seems to be the perfect mixture of locals and visitors to receive a true Maine experience.

Speaking of a true Maine experience, you must experience the food. Bar Harbor has so many amazing restaurants to visit, you will have to stay a while to try them all. A couple favorites of mine are Café This Way for breakfast. Side Street Café for lunch. Of course, Geddy’s for dinner right down by the pier. Epi’s has had the best pizza since I was little. We would always grab a slice on school field trips to the island. I have heard Rosalie’s Pizza is also a must check out pizza joint.

If you have brought the whole family make sure to stop by the local playground by the YMCA. It is one of my children’s favorite playgrounds. It is fenced in. During the summer there are bathrooms nearby (year-round there are bathrooms located by the fire station and down near the pier). There is also a skate park and fields to run and play in. I have enjoyed this area since I was a child. Now I enjoy bringing my own kids to experience the magic of all that Bar Harbor has to offer.

There are also two movie theaters in town Reel Pizza is an especially fun place for my family. They serve you pizza while you watch the movie and have couches to feel cozy like you were just hanging out at home. The 1932 Criterion is a beautifully restored theater to enjoy a good movie. There is always something to do in Bar Harbor. The night life does not disappoint with comedy shows and live music in the summer and pubs down every street.

If you are looking for overnight accommodations the Bar Harbor Inn will not disappoint. It has stunning views of the harbor, direct access to the walking path, and a beautiful pool looking over the harbor. Just looking at the inn from the outside you can see it has so much charm and character.

Bar Harbor also hosts several huge Special Events. The Fourth of July has always been a favorite of mine there. You can sit in a gorgeous park right by the ocean enjoying the sea breeze and my favorite ice cream from Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium. There is live music and fireworks lighting up the night sky right above you. They have many Christmas events, like a bed race down Main Street. Speaking of races Bar Harbor is the starting line for the world-famous MDI Marathon. There is just so much always going on in this coastal village, but at the same time they keep that simple small-town feel. It really is a magical place.

Mount Desert Island has so much to offer for one vacation it is hard to mention everything in one setting. If you make it to Maine and end up coming to Mount Desert, you must stay in the Village of Bar Harbor. You will not be disappointed.

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