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If you are adventuring into a state or area you have never been to, you may reach out to friends and family. You might ask, "You've been to Maine, haven't you?" Then you follow up with an onslaught of questions like:

  • What did you do?
  • Where did you stay?
  • Did you like it?

Basically, there is an underlying motive in your conversation and your brain is thinking, “Just tell me if you would recommend it.”

As you hear someone else's positive memories, you might be tempted to latch onto their experience. You might try to figure out if you can make their memories your own. When returning, your friends will ask, "How was your time? Did you do this? Did you do that?" Really, they are trying to figure out if your experience aligns with their own. In addition, they are looking for confirmation that they recommended a good thing to you.

It is impossible for you to have the same experience. The truth is you see things just different. Your likes might not be the same. Your dislikes might not be the same. The way you think is simply… different.  In addition, was the time of year the same?  Did you meet the same people?  Simply, there is no way that you are going to develop the same positive memories as someone else.

So, why do you adapt to someone else’s vacation memories, experience, and recommendations?  Time.  You do not want to waste it.  You are looking for a shortcut in planning.  You want security that you will have a good time and not waste your vacation away on a bad experience.

You probably know people that have planned a vacation just like someone else planned theirs and had two totally different experiences.

We, at Maine Vacations, understand this problem exists and have made it one of our primary goals to fix it.  We want to connect you with your dream!  We understand that good vacation experiences will be buried on the internet and finding them is like panning for gold.  Well, consider us the gold panners!  We want to take out the confusion and give you an honest sampling of what various Maine Vacations has to offer.

Tips for success!

  1. Do not try to live someone else's dream! Be different. Find your own passions and seek them out.
  2. If you are married, do not try to plan the vacation solo.  Get your spouse involved.  If the sites are boring as heck, then find vacationing sites that excite you!
  3. Think about trying new things.  Try not to repeat old experiences just because you think they are “safe.”  Repeating will eventually just lead to boring.
  4. Guard your time like a hawk!  There is a temptation that might be, “since we are going to Maine, let’s try to do everything on our list.”  This is the “pack it in” mentality.  This can lead to a stressful experience, tight schedules, and perhaps a disastrous vacation with loads of negative memories.

Asking questions of yourself or of your family that might help you get the brain juices flowing.  Here are some questions to get your planning started:

  • How much do I/we want to spendJust get that one out of the way first.  Do not feel forced to spend more than you are planning on a vacation experience just because you started dreaming up all sorts of expensive options.  Get a budget on paper.
  • What do each of us love to do?  Be careful of selfishness, think about everyone that is going on vacation and what they absolutely love to do.
  • What are each of us willing to try?  This will make sure you are not just repeating old patterns of vacationing.  Explore online and dream as a family, couple, or just a single person.  Write down what you are dreaming about.
  • Where do we think we want to go?  Find a region and start focusing in on the specifics and making sure it aligns with what you love and what you willing to try.  Revise your “love to do” and “willing to try” as you are reminded of old passions as you dig around online.
  • What are our vacation goals?  Maybe you are thinking adventure when your spouse is thinking relaxation.  You had better get into alignment.  If one of you has been working hard and is just ready to relax for a week, you do not want to come back from the vacation to hear, “it was just too busy!”  If your goals do not align, you might want to look for little “day adventures” that will satisfy both your needs.

We hope that you will have a vacation will be an experience that will generate never-ending positive memories!  Thank you for visiting!

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