Make Aroostook County Your Winter Vacation Destination

When other tourism regions in Maine close for the winter, Aroostook County is just getting geared up. For a little background, this county represents over 20 percent of the state’s area and has a rural population reflected by a density of only 10 people per square mile. So, think remote.  Aroostook County is often referred to as “The County,” as it is so big. With plenty of outdoor activities and places to rent gear for winter sports, this destination should be on your list for your winter vacation.

What Can You Do In The Winter In Maine’s Aroostook County?

Aroostook county offers a range of outdoor activities to enjoy during the winter season. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or some leisurely activity, there is something here that will fit your needs. Outdoor activities include snowmobiling, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, ice skating, snowshoeing, fat tire biking, and even dog sledding. If you don’t have the gear there are plenty of places to rent what is needed for each sport.

Snowmobiling has been popular in Aroostook county since the 1970s when locals began using them as a way to get around in the snowy terrain while still enjoying the outdoors. There are several groomed trails throughout “The County” that vary from beginner level to advanced runs with breathtaking scenery along the way. Snowmobilers can also choose from more than 1,000 miles of trails that connect towns and villages across northern Maine.

Cross-Country and Alpine Skiing

Cross Country Skiing
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Alpine Skiing and Cross-Country Skiing are two popular winter sports in Aroostook County with varying levels from beginner slopes all the way up to black diamond expert runs! The crisp air combined with beautiful views make skiing at one of these resorts an unforgettable experience! Cross-country skiers can take advantage of various groomed trails throughout “The County” where they can find peaceful solitude or join group outings if they prefer company while exploring nature's beauty in its purest form!

Ice Fishing

Attribution: Glenna Haug
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Ice fishing has become increasingly popular in recent years as fisherman seek an adventure out on the frozen lakes and ponds during colder months! Fishermen (is that ok to say? or do I need to use “fisher-people”) can expect to catch bass and trout while out on their ice fishing trips! Be sure to check weather conditions (and ice thickness) before heading out onto any frozen body of water as safety should always be first priority.

Ice Skating

Ice skating rinks are available across Aroostook county where visitors can enjoy a leisurely skate or join in on hockey games if they prefer more competitive action. Skaters will also find outdoor rinks set up during colder months which provide a unique experience under starry night skies.


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Snowshoeing provides visitors with quiet exploration through snow-covered landscapes which offer spectacular views from height vantage points not accessible during warmer months.

Fat Tire Biking

Fattire biking
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Fat Tire Biking is another activity that has grown exponentially in popularity over recent years giving bikers access to trails not possible during summer months due to large amounts of snow cover provided by thick pine forests. You can expect to enjoy breathtaking views along every turn.

Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding
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Dog Sledding offers riders an adventure unlike any other as teams race down snowy winding paths behind powerful huskies determined for victory. Dog sledding tours take place throughout most of December into February depending on weather conditions making it an ideal winter activity for those seeking something different than traditional ski trips or snowmobile rides.

With so many things happening in The County during winter months there really isn't much reason not too make Aroostook county your destination this year for your vacation getaway. From traditional sports like downhill skiing and ice skating, to adventurous ones such as dog sledding, there truly is something for everyone this time of year. Remember that safety should always come first when embarking on any outdoor activity, so be sure you read up and understand what necessary precautionary measures need to be taken before heading out. Have fun and stay safe in The County this winter!


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