Lobster for Thanksgiving by Katrina Grant

Lobster for Thanksgiving by Katrina Grant

Lobster for Thanksgiving

Have you ever had Lobster for Thanksgiving? I have lived in Maine my whole life and not once have I had lobster for Thanksgiving. We have a traditional Turkey dinner with family and friends at our house.


If you spend Thanksgiving in Maine - It is quite possible to have fresh Maine lobster for your Thanksgiving feast. You can also defrost those frozen Maine blueberries, that you picked fresh, during your summer visit to Maine. You can turn those delicious blueberries into a beautiful blueberry pie that is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any Thanksgiving table.

If you spend Thanksgiving in Maine - You can stay on the coast and watch the waves come crashing in, as you enjoy Thanksgiving day. Or you can travel up to Northern Maine and spend the day with your family in a cabin deep in the woods, watching fresh snow blanketing the ground.

If you spend Thanksgiving in Maine - You will find a community the stretches across the whole state. You will find new friends and family wherever you go. We love giving good directions and maybe even sharing a traditional family recipe or two. You can’t always get there from here, but we will be sure to find you a scenic route, that will be sure to spark adventure on your turkey day.

We work hard here. We love big. We enjoy our traditions and starting new ones too. We believe in true hospitality and welcoming in new friends. We want to help in any way we can. We have so much to be thankful for here in Maine. We want you to enjoy it here too. Just show us how we can help.


If you spend Thanksgiving in Maine - It may be a little cold this year, so cozy up by the fire with family and friends, old and new. Enjoy some wild turkey or a Lobster fresh from the ocean. Count your blessings. Stay safe. Enjoy all Maine had to offer.

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

We hope to see you soon. 

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